Packaging is at times taken lightly and one may assume that packing does not need any particular approach so long as the items go into the packaging. This is far from true. Every packaging type has a particular set of items it can accommodate and each packaging option also has different ways that it should be handled. The cardboard packing box is probably the most abused type of packaging. This is probably since it is one of the most affordable and available kind of packaging. Also it could be due to its features which make it look capable of packing anything. To get the best service from these boxes, one has to avoid packing some things in them.

First one has to know what material makes up the packaging option they are using. This is important since with this knowledge one can know the strengths and weaknesses of the packaging. Cardboard packing boxes are basically made from paper, but strong paper at that. Despite its toughening, this type of paper will still succumb to wetness. The paper will not disintegrate as quickly as normal paper but it will slowly suck the wetness and its integrity will be compromised. Therefore one should avoid anything that is wet or containers that might spill some liquids. These could include foodstuffs, oils, paints, water and any other liquids.

One should also not pack sharp objects into cardboard boxes. Initially, it might seem that the box will hold well but one can never know what conditions the cargo will go through during transit. External pressures applied might slowly cause the sharp objects to puncture the cardboard. This could also be very dangerous for the people carrying the boxes. If the sharp objects penetrate the box, they could injure whoever is carrying the box.

Cardboard packing boxes come in different sizes. Objects are packed into the different boxes depending on the size of the box and the weight of the objects. For example, heavy objects should be packed in the smaller boxes while the bulky but light objects should be packed in the bigger boxes. This is because due to the surface area over which pressure is applied; a heavy item will easily tear the bigger box than the smaller box. The arrangement of items inside the box is also important. The heavier items should be packed at the bottom rather than the top where they will cause instability which might damage the box.

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