The plain bubble envelopes were a great introduction as a packaging product and their advantages made them surpass many other mailing packaging options. You can imagine the impact when the bubble envelopes were improved by introducing a metallic cover for them. This made them gain even more popularity for the additional advantages they provided. Today many of these envelopes can be seen all around as they are used to mail some of the more sensitive and more valuable items. These envelopes are also seen frequently being used to mail electronic gadgets.

The metallic bubble envelopes are made of a tough kraft plastic that can withstand adverse conditions making it puncture proof, tear proof, and the envelope cannot burst easily. Together with the air bubbles, which are a major attribute of these envelopes, the package provides a stiff and hardy cover that will protect the contents inside. The bubbles inside are filled with air which is excellent in providing cushioning against compression forces and shock or vibrations which could cause damage to the sensitive objects inside.

The introduction of air bubbles as a substitute for cushioning was a great idea from the Seal Air Company. This company is responsible for the invention of bubble wraps. The same company acquired the Jiffy Company which had been producing cushioned envelopes up to that time. The “Jiffy” envelopes, as they were known, used paper wool to provide cushioning for the envelope’s contents. Despite being effective, it was not very efficient since the mail ended up being too bulky and attracted high postage rates due to weight.

The metallic bubble bags are made from a seamless plastic cover with a tamper resistant seal to cap it all. To access the contents, one has to break the seal which cannot be resealed. This makes it an ideal option for mailing items that are eyes only. The secure envelope when sealed is water proof and is also air tight; none of these can either go in or go out. This attribute makes the bubble envelope ideal to package items sensitive to liquids.

The metallic bubble envelopes add a lot of aesthetic value to the envelopes. The metallic envelopes are available in many attractive shiny colours. These envelopes are very appealing and can be used to send gifts. The metallic cover also reflects off heat or conducts it away thereby making the envelope a good option for packing heat sensitive objects. The metal also conducts away electric charges that may damage electronic gadgets.

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