When it comes to advent calendars many people buy the 'pre-made cardboard box colourful' ones that are so easy and cheap to give to youngsters. Although they are bright, colourful and Christmasey they still don't seem to bring as much seasonal joy to the home as handmade ones do. Breaking societies uniform approach to advent calendars may seem like a huge amount of effort but trust me its worth it.
Image from Canadian Living
Just like displaying your Christmas cards, making an advent calendar can be simple and very rewarding. If you want to make something that can be used for years to come then it might be time to get the sewing machine out. Using some Christmas fabric you can stitch together a beautiful calendar with re-usable pockets. If you want to create something new every year then craft supplies such as paper bags, envelopes or Kraft paper can be used to create the pockets and ribbon or a large sheet of card (decorated or otherwise) to display them with.
The beauty of making your own advent calendar is that you can put whatever it is you want it in. If you don't want to fill your kids or loved ones with sweets then putting in little gifts or toys is a great alternative.

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