Not only should you have that Friday feeling but it is also February and you know what that means. Valentines Day. I know we have another 14 days before we get drowned in pink and red but in that time we have to find gifts for our loved one which can be easier said than done. There is some great (and not tacky) stuff to be found out there however and packaging design is a huge part of it.
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Not only is this a kickin' gift idea but it's also a fantastic piece of packaging design! The classic Moet shape oozes luxury and quality which is exactly what you want from a valentines gift. The colour scheme has managed to avoid the tacky pink of most valentines products and combined with the gold looks worth the £75 it is priced at. The £75 however does include the pen and two champagne flutes. The gold pen allows you to make the packaging your own with whatever message or image you decide to write or draw. This customisation is far more easily achieved than getting the bottles label printed specially and also means that the message with be in the gift givers handwriting, making it far more personal. The overall design of this exclusive gift is superb and would make a fabulous gift for a loved one.

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