Despite how much Christmas content I have been posting on here of late, I feel it is time to do a few more packaging reviews and what better design studio to look at than Solid Block Design. Working mainly with smaller companies to create branding, packaging and print materials.
For this young and experimental chocolate company, Solid Block have created chocolate packaging unlike any on the market currently. The brand is focused around making good quality and exciting products and this shows in their basic packaging. The clear plastic shows off the product inside the packaging. Most of the products are quite interesting to look at so Solid Block have played on that fact. This form of packaging also makes this seem very 'un-commercial' creating a huge difference between this packaging and the likes of Cadbury's or Galaxy - who's packaging is obviously mass produced. The labels on the chocolate all follow the brand very well and despite having such a large range of colours and flavours the bite mark, logo and typography keep all these products as a unified force. The packaging also incorporates the character of a squirrel, wearing different outfits for each flavour, this give the packaging an element of humour and personality.
Solid block have also created packaging for Booja-Booja, an organic,  dairy and gluten free brand of chocolates and ice cream. All of the packaging has quite basic and authentic roots, using wood and simple shapes to create collectable packages. All of the colours used reflect the ingredients inside and the typography suggests that this is a luxury product.
All of the images come from Solid Block Design

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