Orla Kiely is a fantastic designer who has created clothing, handbags and all manner of decorated household items. Somehow however it is always her packaging design that I find most refreshing. Especially when she teams up with environmentally friendly cleaning product company Method. This is the second time they have produced wonderful packaging design together and their work only ever seems to get better!
Images from The Die Line
The 'Method' element to the packaging is what gives it the wonderful shape. All of the packaging is designed to have a flattering and attractive shape, quite unlike most other cleaning products and hand washes around today. This attractive shape also makes it nice to use as well as nice to look at and increasing consumer satisfaction is always a surefire way to gain returning sales.
The different mix of patterns and colours matches the scent of the product which gives a coherent feel to the entire range. The classic Orla Kiely designs also seem to reflect the uniqueness of the brand altogether and give them both an elevated status in terms of product and design.
The label that is featured on all products across the range has the iconic Orla Kiely typography and design upon it to leave the consumer in no doubt as to who the designs were created by. The designs themselves have a beautiful tone to them that are entirely different to the usual range of colours used in cleaning and household products.

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