Popular fizzy drink brands Pepsi and Coca-cola have always been at a head with one another in terms of popularity. Coke is an iconic brand which has had a memorable packaging journey, commonly recognised and acknowledged by consumers. Pepsi however has never been a memorable brand in the packaging stakes, their changes in bottle shape have only recently been noticed and appreciated but in the last few years their popularity is on the rise and their packaging is starting to win over more and more consumers.
Image from The Die Line
This new Pepsi bottle pack really goes a long way to standing up to its competitor. It looks a lot more attractive than the previous packaging, with a more ergonomic shape to the lower part of the bottle and a clear and minimalist label. The whole feel to this new design is far better than its clunky predecessor. It also gives the brand a more defined image, they are no longer 'the one a bit like coke' they have their own brand identity and their new packaging should go a long way in boosting them to a more popular consumer opinion.

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