Sometimes we don't really acknowledge how much packaging really affects us as a consumer; truth is, just like we judge books, people and everything else in life, we make a lot of our decisions based on face value - it's only human, and brands know that.

Think about it; you see two bars of chocolate on the shelf, one is in simple black and white packaging; the other is glittering in metallic foil with it's name bold and in a unique beautiful font; you don't necessarily know that one type of chocolate is better quality than he other, but based on the packaging you would assume the more elaborate is the better quality.

There is also another way branding affects our decisions; popularity and style! Think of technology, and the infamous Apple branding; there are better computers out there, with better specs at lower prices, but some of us will still instinctively go to Apple because they are cool and trendy. Their packaging influences us hugely - maybe we are more concerned about looking good than quality of products!

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