Traditionally Christmas cards have been placed on the mantle of a fireplace and on the window-ledge but as craft has become more popular and less people have traditional fires in their homes, the displaying of Christmas cards has changed dramatically.
It could be as simple as hanging some string, twine or ribbon across a wall or room and hanging your cards across it. This does however mean that a lot of the cards are not the correct orientation. It does however look rustic and similar to bunting.
Image from the Anderson Family Crew blog
Another idea is to do something like the holder above. Find a pretty Christmas sign, they're very popular right now so you're bound to find one in a home-ware or craft store, attach ribbon to it and use pegs to clip on your cards. This allows you to put your cards on however you wish. You can use thick or thin ribbon to create it however you desire. A similar technique using ribbon and pegs is to tie some thick fabric ribbon around the upper cupboard doors in your kitchen, finish it off with a nice bow and peg your Christmas cards to the outside, meaning you get to look at your cards every day in the kitchen. This doesn't have to be done in the kitchen but it is a great way to decorate a space in your house that would have much decoration otherwise.

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