Mailing bags come in many shapes and sizes. The quality of the plastic that makes the mailing bags also varies between the many types. Some mailing bags are gusseted to make them stronger for heavy duty purposes. The sealing will also differ across the many types of mailing bags. Some have single seals while some have double; some of the seals are re-sealable while others are not.

The regular mailing bags that have the standard size are used mostly for mailing brochures, clothing, small electronic gadgets, books, shoes etc. There are also the huge mailing bags that can be used for heavy duty work and could even be used to contain huge boxes. The quality of the mailing bag will depend with the kind of items it is intended to package. The polythene could be thick and resistant to tear and are resistant to water to ensure that the items inside do not get damaged in any way on transit. Some mailing bags have two glue strips; one is to be used when sending out the mail for the first time and the other can be used when returning the mail. This makes it easier and cheaper returning mail as the same mailing bag is used hence minimizing the inconvenience of returning mail.

Mailing bags are made to be as convenient as possible for use. The polyethylene material is very light making the use of plastic mailing bags economical as they do not attract high postal charges. Despite being very light the polythene is made to be very tough such that it is resistant to punctures, abrasion, tears and scuffs. Some mailing bags are designed specially to accommodate items that have pointed and rugged surfaces without themselves getting damaged.

The bags are very strong and can contain a huge capacity. The polythene cannot really stretch but the bag is flexible and will conform to the shape of the items inside. Caution should be taken though when packing the bags as over-stuffing the bag may compromise the seal whilst the mail is in transit. It is also not wise to put too little in a mailing bag as the greater part of the bag is left empty. One should select a mailing bag with a size closest to the item to be packed. This will reduce the movement of the item inside which could lead to damage. This is especially the case for small electronic gadgets.

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