When it comes to packaging innovations that have revolutionised the industry, grip seal polythene bags are there at the top of the list. One of the major things that are considered in choosing packaging solutions over other options is the convenience offered by an option. The advantages that the packaging offers its contents are another thing that will highly influence one’s decision. Pricing and availability are the other crucial factors that need to be convincing for a particular packaging method to be preferred over another. Grip seal polythene bags pass these tests very well when it comes to particular items.

Grip seal polythene bags are used to package items that do not succumb to shock or compression forces. They do not also package valuable and confidential items. These limitations are due to the design of the packaging. Grip seal polythene bags are made from very tough plastic that is usually transparent. The material is resistant to tear, punctures and abrasion. The bags are fitted with very strong self sealing strips that are used to secure items in the bag/ pouch. The seal is air and moisture resistant.

The polythene material making up the pouch is transparent enabling one to see the contents of the bag unlike in other packages where one has to open them to see inside. This is a good method for packaging items to be displayed on a shelf. The bags are good for storing foodstuffs since they are air and moisture proof.

The seal is one of the major strong points for the bag. The strength and its re-usability make it very convenient for continued use. Packaging materials are usually designed for temporal use and though it may be painful to discard some packaging after their first use, we are forced to due to some limiting factors such as compromised seals which make the entire packaging useless. This is not the case with grip seal polythene bags; the seal can be used as many times as possible with the same efficiency as when the bag is first used.

Closing the grip seal polythene bags is not rocket science, neither is it comparable to 1, 2, 3… it is actually simpler and can be compared to swallowing. All one needs to do is snap the two sides of the strip with minimal effort and the contents are rendered air proof! Opening the seal is also easy as it needs minimal effort to open the seal.

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