The basic item that goes into most people's shopping baskets is bread, while a constant battle over the lowest price, the best quality and fair trade rule most people's decisions companies are trying their best to make their product the most desirable. This is reflected in the packaging, trying to move away from the stereotypical bread and milk packaging can be quite difficult and in the packaging world it has had some interesting results.
Kohberg's support breast cancer packaging is highly inventive. Capturing interest with its suggestive packaging and then showing its innocent charity cause to win over customers.
Source: Pinterest
This bright, bold and clever packaging will certainly appeal to the kids, with different colours for each product, the range is quite clearly defined.
Designed by Nicholas Weltyk for the month of August, this packaging has space for you to record what you had on your sandwich each day. The top of the packaging is also full of ideas for your lunch. This simple packaging style also looks very slick and modern.

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