When packaging for your business, it shouldn't always entirely be about functionality, to give your business the edge, you should explore some packaging design. Sending your customers a beautifully wrapped item can add value to your product by making it seem more luxurious and letting your customer know you look after them even after the item has been bought. 
The first thing you should do is look into graphics, tying your packaging in with your business' graphics can make your packaging cohesive to the rest of your business. Customers see more in products that are well thought out, and packaging design can make or break a product. Items can even become cult items due to the way they're packaged. Think of Apple for example. You can invest in something as simple mailing labels and a stamp to place on each package to bring everything together.
Thinking inside the box, consider what you use to package your actual item. With small scale businesses you can invest cheaply by buying used jars in bulk, or handcrafted boxes.  Larger businesses can look into a packaging designer, to create something tailored for your product.
My last tip, is to use something as simple and traditional as wrapping paper. Smaller items can be sent through the post wrapped in printed paper, or if you are a larger business you can commission paper with your logo on it very simply. Smaller businesses may find it more cost effective to buy craft paper and print their own designs using stamps. Tied up with twine, you can create a unique effect that will make your customer feel extremely valued, and possibly even lead to loyalty!

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