Let’s start at the beginning; what is a brand in the first place. Contrary to what many think, it is more than just a company logo, or the colours you see on the package of the product. Marketers will tell you that your brand is the promise you give the world as a business. It is the totality of things that come to the minds of consumers and the world at large when they see or think of your product or company. The thing that sets you apart from other companies who sell the same kind of goods or services. For instance, whenever the name Apple is mentioned, the notion of high quality, highly user-friendly consumer electronics comes to most minds. 

Forming your company brand is therefore more than just a matter of contracting the most brilliant graphics designers to craft your logo or getting the most savvy web design firm to do a sexy website. It is delving into your company objectives and defining the things that set your offerings apart from those of your competitors. How do the unique features of your products provide value to consumers? After this organisational soul searching, you need to take your research to the streets and find out what the market really thinks of your firm and your merchandise. Also find out the qualities they desire to see in your products and what characteristics they ideally associate with a great firm.

Armed with your findings you can now define your brand. This means narrowing down the key messages you want to communicate about your brand to the world. With this you can develop a punchy tagline and then come up with colours that capture this message. Incorporate this in the design of a captivating logo and a user-friendly website. The key to an effective branding campaign is not so much fancy graphics as it is consistency. Let your message and your colours be consistent. 

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