History shows that man is a very enterprising creature in all his dealings. Being a social creature too, he will do his utmost to reach other people near and far to accomplish his desires. In his interactions with his fellow beings, man is frequently involved in the sending and receiving of physical items. Through time, we see that man has evolved in the way he has handled the transfer of a variety of items. Most importantly, we see that man has come up with better, safer, and more convenient ways to package items for transfer. One of the major breakthroughs in this evolvement is the introduction of plastic mailing bags. The plastic mailing bag has proved to be a preferred method of packaging and its significance as a packaging option does not seem likely to abate in the near future.

Plastic mailing bags have huge advantages compared to other packaging solutions. One of the major advantages is that they are very affordable. The bags are made from a tough material made from polyethylene. This material is in most instances toughened to withstand high temperatures such as that of boiling water. The tough kraft plastic is also so tough such that mild pokes cannot penetrate and damage whatever contents are in the bag. The bag is strong enough to withstand forces that may cause the bag to tear. Packages will often be subjected to compression forces which may cause bursting; plastic mailing bags are resistant to these forces. Most of the bags are made seamless to make them even stronger.

Another big advantage of plastic mailing bags is that its plastic does not react with water and many other liquids. This means that the material will therefore not get damaged if exposed to the liquids as most other materials will, e.g. paper. This is a great advantage given the extreme environments that the mailing packages are exposed to during transit. In the same vein, the tough plastic will not allow water or vapour to pass into or out of the bag. Therefore one will not lose packed liquid and in a case where one has contents sensitive to wetness, one can be assured that no wetness will seep in. These qualities make the mailing bags a favourite in storing and transporting foodstuffs such as fish. One can pack fish into these bags and ice cubes can be added to preserve the fish. No odour will seep from the bags as the bags are also air tight.

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