If you're part of the Pinterest community you'll know the current craze are the boards shown on the 30 days of Pinspiration. Following the spirit of Christmas craft community I will be picking on some of my favourite pins across the boards in several posts this holiday season and telling you why I enjoy them!
Dale Partridge - Holidaydreaming.
Founder for Sevenly.org a great site that raises money and awareness for charities across the globe, Dale has a great selection of inspirational pins for the holiday season. In particular I love this advent calendar. Not only does it combine the simple beauty of decorated clothes pegs, making it re-usable year after year but it also allows you to pick what you give as your gift. It could be filled with family photo's from around the year to be put into frames, little chocolate tree decorations or other cute little parcels that can be beautifully wrapped in whatever style you choose.
Decorating your own baubles, especially if you have young children, is an excellent idea. Plain colourful baubles are incredibly cheap and creating something personal and unique is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. In the image above fingerprints have been used as the basis of the bauble decoration but painting Christmas greetings or patterns can also work too!

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