Both the product and the packaging work together to make something unique and interesting here. The product its self absorbs scented oils to make a room smell more attractive, shaped like some of the most iconic landmarks across the globe the product is already intriguing. It is the packaging however that really brings the product to life. The exterior of the packaging is plain but well finished, with only a hint of excitement as a single picture is shown. The rest of the exterior appears quite dull. The interior however is the opposite.
The insides of each products packaging shows a scene from the area surround the landmark contained inside and one side of the packaging folds down to complete the scene. It creates a 3D element out of the image show on the exterior of the packaging - folding it up gives the entire thing a new level of depth. Each separate package has a clear theme and everything from the background colours and scene, to the individual images keep to it, making this a great example of a product that's packaging is just as important to it as the product itself.

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