The bubble wrap is one of the most important packing materials ever developed. These wraps are actually made in order to ensure that the contents of our packaging materials are safe. Of course, the bubble wraps are, by themselves, packing materials. The wrapping bubbles are actually used alongside other packing materials in order to maximize protection. If you are going to package sensitive or fragile materials, it is very foolish indeed to do so without using wrapping bubbles.

Specifically, the wrapping bubbles have a variety of uses. Here are the most common application of this popular packing materials:

·       The wrapping bubbles are known as such because they look like bubbles. Indeed, technically, they are. The wrap is actually made up of thin yet strong transparent plastic sheets that have been attached to each other with air bubbles which serve as cushion. Basically, it is this bubble that gives the protection to your goods, and it is this bubbles which make the wrapping bubbles important.

As such, if you are sending computer chips and other sensitive electronic items, it is wise to wrap them first in wrapping bubbles in order to protect them against bumps. It is important to remember that microchips react negatively to bumps that there is a great danger that they will malfunction if they are not protected from these bumps.

·       Microchips are not the only ones which will benefit from the wrapping bubbles. As a matter of fact, any fragile material that will be shipped or mailed will enjoy the relative protection given by the wraps. China wares, for instance, are precious materials which are very delicate. They are precious only when they arrive in perfect shape; they become useless if they suffer even the most minute of scratches. What can protect them from scratches? Wrapping bubbles can guarantee this protection.

·       Of course, the more sensitive your materials are, the more wraps must be used. The weight is also significant in the amount of wrapping bubbles that you are going to use. The heavier your material is, the more bubble wraps is necessary. Indeed, a wrapping bubble of several layers can even protect a man from certain death in a collision.

·       Finally, bubble wrap is not only useful for packaging purposes. As a matter of fact, the wraps are even more popular as a means of enjoyment. Even as children, we have always enjoyed popping the bubbles in our wraps. This activity has never failed to make us enjoy even the simplest things.

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