The world is a big stage for numerous commercial activities. People are involved in many activities that demand for the movement of items all over the world to satisfy several corporate and individual needs. Mail is an ancient form of communication and of transferring items from one place to the other. Packaging of the mail is very important as it determines the eventual condition of the items once they get to their different destinations. Many types of packaging have been used and a prominent type of packaging is plastic mailing bags. Considering the prominence of this type of packaging, it is obvious that plastic mailing bags must have an edge over other packaging solutions.

Plastic mailing bags are primarily very strong. They are made or tough polyethylene that is resistant to tear, punctures, scuffs, abrasion and water penetration. These properties give the desired protection to the packaged items. The mailing bags will endure rough conditions and the items inside will go through unscathed. The design of the mailing bag also adds to its strength; the bag does not have any seams that would burst in case of pressure or wear; the bag is one seamless strong body. Therefore if mail is expected to go through tough conditions, it is best to use the dependable plastic mailing bags.

This kind of mailing bag is also preferred due to its low postage costs. Despite being very strong, the material is very light. Postage is calculated based on the weight of the packages. Some packaging will add significant weight to the object to be mailed making it unnecessarily expensive. Using plastic mailing is especially preferred when sending bulk mail as it will considerably reduce the final postage cost.

Polyethylene is a cheap material that is readily available and this makes the plastic mailing bags cheaper than other packaging solutions. The cost can be reduced even further by buying the bags in bulk. When one buys many of the bags at once, the price is lower than buying single or a few pieces.

Another huge advantage of using plastic mailing bags is the time one saves when packing bulk mail. The bags are usually made with a self sealing strip which saves on the time that one would have spent applying glue. The process of applying glue is also tedious and messy apart from the fact that it is an added cost.

Plastic mailing bags can be used many times as they hardly wear. After the first use they can be used again and again and not only for packaging mail but other uses such as storage of foodstuffs and food leftovers. The bags can also store small items such as screws and paper clips.

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