Many people are known to have been badly hurt or even fired from their employment posts after a shrink wrap prank they played eventually went wrong. Pranks are often enjoyable to pull, but the best ones are those that can make the intended target freak out without causing any damage. The most appropriate way in which you can go about any prank is by doing it in way that will make the person on whom the prank is directed have the feeling that they had something they greatly treasure destroyed. But before we delve deeper into this matter of shrink wrap pranks, it would help if we first acquainted ourselves with what shrink wrap is.

Shrink wrap which is also referred to as shrink film is a substance which is made up of polymer plastic film which when heated shrinks tightly over anything that it is covering. This heat can be applied on the shrink wrap with the aid of a hand held gun or likewise the material and film can be passed through a heat tunnel or conveyor.

Shrink wrap is always available in a wide range of thickness, clarities, strengths and shrink ratios.  A shrink film can be forced to shrink in one direction a phenomenon which is also referred to as unidirectional or mono directional or in both directions an occurrence referred to as bidirectional.

It can be utilised to wrap buildings for example covering roofs after the occurrence of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, tornado or a hurricane. In other instances shrink wrap is occasionally used to cover books especially the ones with adult content to prevent under age kids from reading them.

Due to the shrinking nature of this material it is not hard to figure out why a lot of people have developed a habit of playing pranks using shrink wrap. In a certain school it was reported that several employees were given an indefinite length of suspension for wrapping their co worker in shrink wrap and then leaving him in the school’s store for one and a half days. To rub salt to their wounds, these employees are said to have been suspended without any pay for the entire period they stayed out of work. The apologetic suspended employees described the incident as a typical joke they play on each other saying they meant no harm to their co worker since they were all friends.

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