When you're going all out with the Christmas wrapping decoration, it can be difficult to know what else to add other than a ribbon and label. Once you start getting creative however, the possibilities are endless.
Source: A Seasonal blog found via Pinterest
Cookies or gingerbread men made super cute and festive treats to go on your gift wrapping. Lavishly decorated with hundreds of thousands, gum drops and icing, baked treats can look extremely colourful and exciting. Other food related products can be used too, cinnamon curls, candy canes and chocolates in brightly coloured wrappers all look lovely as decoration. If you don't want to go down the edible route then why not try some seasonal nature. There are plenty of things available in nature and at your local florists; a sprig of mistletoe, some evergreen leaves, a cluster of holly leaves and berries or a pine cone all look fantastic. Don't just use the same paper based ribbon either, experiment with different fabric ribbons, wide or thin. Weave them together or tie them in extravagant bows. Alternatively you could use some coloured or plain twine

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