Have you ever at any given time wondered what you can do with your stacks of old packaging boxes? If you have ever you don’t have to worry much as there is a multitude of ways in which these boxes can be put into profitable use.

As you are aware, it is extremely expensive to always purchase high quality cardboard packing boxes. This in turn has translated to an increased demand for sparingly used packaging boxes. Many enterprises buy used packaging boxes from individuals thereby making room for you to earn some extra cash on a regular basis anytime you feel like disposing of your boxes. Before disposing them, it is imperative for you to ensure that these boxes are in a fairly good condition and are structurally complete.

The simplest way of selling old boxes is by listing your high quality boxes with a firm that advocates for the reuse and recycling of old boxes. Likewise you can also list the boxes that you may wish to donate or give out for free.

If you have no intention of giving out your old boxes you could easily pile them together and throw them in a garbage bin, but this would not only be wasteful it would also be unhygienic and detrimental to the environment. So instead of throwing them away, you can make them into a bed for your pets to lie on.

Another way in which you can put your old boxes into use is by using them in the garden. This is an excellent way of recycling packaging boxes whereby you can fragment them and put them around young plants to act as mulch. As time passes by the boxes will break down and therefore add more nutrients to the soil which are readily absorbed by plants. Furthermore you can easily use these boxes as a lining to a compost pit. By simply digging up a hole in the designated part of your garden and lying the carton at its sides to make a container that has no lid. The carton will consume any bad stench thereby preventing it from emanating from your composting heap before it begins to be organically broken down thereby purifying the air.

 If you are not into farming you can use these boxes to make nesting boxes by leaving one side open.

 There is an abundance of possibilities when it comes to things you can do with your old packaging boxes.

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