Envelopes have been one of the major ways to package mail; this is especially for letters, documents and cards. With time, envelopes have been modified to contain larger objects. Unfortunately the traditional envelope that is made of considerably thin paper cannot provide much protection against external harmful pressures and elements such as wetness. To remedy this, many designs have come up with additional protective material to protect the mail contents. People have used newsprint, Styrofoam, wood, wool and even tin plates to protect the mail. The advancement in design has progressed greatly and today we have an efficient solution in the form of the padded envelopes.

Padded envelopes are plastic bags that are cushioned inside with air bubbles. The air bubbles will protect the item inside from excessive shock impacts that could cause damage. The bubbles also give security to the objects since it is hard to tell what is in the envelope with the cushioning. The envelopes are made of a strong plastic material that cannot tear easily. It cannot also be punctured easily. The envelopes are sealed with heat that effectively burns the polyethylene together making a seal that does not let in air or humidity.

These qualities make the padded envelopes a favourite to ship many types of goods. Fragile objects top the list. The padding is meant to protect fragile items and hence the basic function of padded envelopes is packaging fragile items. Fragile items will be able to go through extreme conditions without getting damaged when packed in padded envelopes. Valuable goods are also conveniently packed in the padded envelopes. The permanent seal provides protection against prior opening of the envelope. This is because to access the contents one has to destroy the envelope hence making the envelope tamper proof.

One can also use the padded envelopes to ship sensitive electronic items. Some of the padded envelopes are specially made for these items. The padded envelope is fitted with a metallic surface that will dissipate any electronic charge before it gets to the item inside. The envelope can also be used to ship items that could be destroyed by wetness. The polyethylene surface is waterproof and will not let in any humidity.

Padded envelopes can be used to send formal and informal mail. They can also be used to send gifts since they are attractively designed and have multiple colours that are shiny and attractive to the eye.

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