Before we try to answer this fairly simple question, it is important that we know what capacity book mailers are. Basically, these are packing materials that belong to the envelope category, so to speak. This mailer is actually a special type of envelope which is specifically designed to handle the mailing and packaging of books. It goes without saying, therefore, that the packing material is heavily built, at least in comparison with other types of envelopes.

Just like all other envelopes, these packing materials come in a variety of sizes. They are, of course, primarily designed for the mail or packaging of books. As we all know, books need to have special packages in order for them to arrive at their destination unscathed. The many book enthusiasts around the world do not want to see flaws or scratches or imperfections in their book covers. Furthermore, they want perfection in the packaging as well. as such, the book mailer was conceived for this specific purpose.

But, mind you, the book mailer is not only useful or applicable for books. You can use it for a great deal of other purposes, too. You have to remember that these packing materials are heavily built envelopes – they look like envelopes, and they can be used just like your ordinary envelopes.

Basically, you can use these to mail just about anything that can fit inside. For instance, you can use it to mail magazines, a bunch of flyers or leaflets, and other related materials.

You can even use it to mail sensitive electronic devices like chips or even memory cards for your laptop. Of course, you have to make use of bubble wraps in order to maximize protection.

Even at home, the capacity book mailers can be most useful. The biggest use of the mailer is, perhaps, in organizing our papers in the office or in our very own private library.

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