It is a well know Halloween tradition to carve pumpkins, usually with the classic jagged smile and slanted eyes. With its growing popularity however, more and more of us crafty pumpkin carvers are moving away from the traditional and getting creative. Spooky designs are getting spookier and designs that aren't spooky at all are starting to appear. Logos from our favourite movies, names, pretty patterns and slogans are starting to pop up across pumpkins worldwide. People are moving away from carving and are painting pumpkins, sticking things to them and drawing on them. The possibilities suddenly seem endless.
Here are some of the coolest, cutest and spookiest new designs around.
Source Donna Chavis via Pinterest
Source Holly Babcock via Pinterest
Source Womans Day
Source Jenn Hammontree-Jones via Pinterest

Source Jenn Hammontree-Jones via Pinterest
So if you design something funny, traditional or extra spooky this Halloween be sure to remember that the most important thing is to have fun.

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