The use of cardboard boxes in the construction industry is an undertaking that has been extensively exploited and demonstrated on a wide range of construction projects over the years. With a limited amount of engineering know how blended with cheap and easily available materials (cardboard) it is possible to construct a small building. This structure can amazingly withstand surprisingly harsh weather conditions and still be useful over a sensible period of time.

You can also easily construct a bridge by using pieces of corrugated cardboards. When going about this undertaking, you have to construct a set of trusses using the cardboard held together by glue to make the customary truss. After this you then apply a thick coat of enamel paint on your bridge to protect it from the effects of water. After doing this you can rest assured that you have definitely built a structure that can have the same strength and solidity of related wooden bridges.

 Cardboard boxes also enable you to build a simple room from its remnants. In this instance, corrugated cardboard is used for the wall sheeting on the outside. Several layers of heavy paint will provide you with a simple structure that can withstand the various elements of weather.

Cardboard tubes can also be widely used in the construction industry for an array of purposes. They can be used as pile caps which are an inexpensive alternative to steel casing or as piling sleeves for application in places where a ground heavy is projected. In addition to the disposable lined column shutters which make a cheap formwork system for the construction of concrete columns with a high quality finish these boards can also be used to construct void formers in bridge decks and slabs.

Floor wrap corrugated cardboard in rolls gives a protective layer to wood and vinyl floors. In addition to this it is also effective in protecting door, concrete and any other surface during construction. The floor wrap corrugated cardboard is crafted to guard the floor from dents and marks and is available in rolls that are easy to utilise.

When constructing any structure using corrugated cardboard, it should always ring in your mind that this type of material comes in different sets and designs. These designs vary from dense thick boards to thin fragile boards that break when you twist them. Depending on the type of structure that you are constructing, you can either go for the thin walled cardboard that has consist corrugation or thick and heavy cardboard for strength.  It is also necessary for you to use clean material that has no creases.

The use of cardboard boxes transcends human imagination as it provides an inexpensive yet useful material in the construction industry.

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