One might assume that the till roll and receipt are already obsolete in this century run by all things digital. If you think like this, you could not be more wrong. Basically, now more than ever, receipts have become all the more important in the world of business and entrepreneurship.

Before we go on to discuss in greater detail the idea sought by the title of this article, it is crucial to initially understand what the rolls are. Technically, till rolls are actually rolls of paper, also known as thermal rolls, which are placed within automated cashier counters. Basically, it is these rolls which provide the counters with a steady supply of papers for the receipt. The thermal paper is named as such because the machine or the counter does not really have an ink for its printer – it simply does not need to.

At any rate, the rolls are more important than we can ever hope to imagine specifically because of the fact that the world of business would be in great turmoil if there are no receipts. It is through the receipts that business owners, government agencies, and the clients and customers themselves are able to keep track of what go in and out of the stores. The receipt, in simple terms, is the one physical evidence that would prove that you have made a specific purchase.

It is quite foolish to assume that receipts and the till roll have run out of usefulness today. If anything, they have even become more useful.

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