Man is always inventing new things and in the process man will also improve on what he already has. Man also creates new twists to the already existing innovations so as to produce variety. In the business world, where competition is high, man will come up with unique packaging that will compete better and make them have more sales. This is especially seen when one goes to the store and observes the different kind of packaging boxes used for the almost similar products. Products are now being packaged in some very innovative packaging that will woo customers to buy more of the product. Some of the new packaging is even a bit strange!

One of the famous weird packaging is the detergent that is housed in dumbbells. This is an innovation by Tommaso Ceschi for the Mr. Clean detergent. This woos the buyer to get the detergent that will help them workout as they clean. Another funny and creative innovation is the anti-theft lunch bag. This is usually used to pack sandwiches, cakes, and other foodstuffs made from flour. The bag contains a transparent plastic bag that has some markings which make the sandwich or cake inside appear like it is going bad and has mould thereby discouraging any thief who would not be any wiser.

The tequila gun packaging is another fun invention. This tequila gun is identical to a normal .45 pistol only that it is transparent and instead of bullets it is loaded with a shot of 200ml of genuine Mexican tequila. It can create a great twist when used to serve at a bar. Nike is also not left behind with some clever packaging. They once transformed their shoe boxes to house a stadium by printing the insides of the shoe box to look like a stadium. Sound chips were then inserted inside the shoe box such that when the lid is opened, one can hear the sounds of a cheering, crowded stadium.

Another weird invention of packaging is the banana guard. This is packaging that allows one to pack in a banana especially during a trip or for packed lunch. The packaging prevents the banana from getting mashed. Another cool invention is the chocolate pills packaging where the chocolate is packed like the medicinal pills where one can easily pop off a chocolate pill whenever the craving strikes! Another cool packaging box design is one that was invented by Julien De Repentigny and Gabriel Lefebvre who made milk packaging that consisted of a box made out to spell MILK!

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