Spring has sprung and the time of baby animals and chocolate eggs is upon us once again. Every year companies persuade consumers to buy their products by making them seasonal and the biggest seller this time of year is chocolate. More specifically, chocolate in the shape of an egg (in varying formats) is the most popular choice for consumers and brands to create at this time of year and some of the packaging involved looks fantastic.
Image from Thorntons
The above packaging has some interesting use of shape and a very high quality finish. The classic egg shape is almost put in a display case style package with this shape, with its own little pedestal. The clear plastic allows the consumer to see almost the entire egg and the chocolates that come with it. This 'show case' style of packaging combined with the luxurious style of the decoration, which matches the decoration found on some of their non seasonal related product packaging. The whole packaging style reflects the luxurious feel of the entire Thorntons brand which is renowned for being so.

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