It has to be said that even so early in the year 2013 has already been a fantastic year for student designs. Some of the most recent examples really show promise for the future of the face of packaging design as a whole. Here are some of the best around at the moment with links to some of the students portfolios.
Image from Julia Marquardt
This student design has a fun element to it which freshens up the very on trend package surround the macaron. These brightly coloured treat need very little in the way of decoration, hence why the packaging has some more subdued colours.
Image from Jenn Giesler
Playful and fun for younger ages especially, this range of hygiene products has just the right amount of character not to be confused as a toy but also not to seem as serious as most products.
Image from Catarina Alves
This cheese packaging is very interesting and really reinforced the origins of the food substance. Cheese packaging is usually uninteresting however it seems to be stude

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