Bakerys and coffee shops are increasingly popular and are seen taking on the high street brands on a regular basis. One of the key elements that makes the high street brands so popular is their packaging. The decoration of their take-out coffee cups along with their paper bags and other branded packaging is often very attractive and the brand gives an impression of the person carrying it. Often the big chain's have supermarket and in-store branded products too, coffee granules and sweet treats for the cupboard or biscuit tin. Some independent and small chain bakeries have their own branded packaging and here are some of the best.
Images from jayce-o.blogspot
Bisous have used literal humor on their packaging that mocks the actions consumers carry out with their products in a light hearted way. The simple purple and peach colour scheme with the same collection of fonts across all of the packaging keeps the entire thing coherent but makes each product different at the same time.
Produced by United Bakeries this packaging for their freshly baked flapjacks and other biscuits this packaging is based on old fashioned labels for traditional recipes giving a sense that there is some history behind the recipe.

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