It's Friday again ladies and gentlemen and if you're over the age of 18 (or 21 depending on your current location) then it could be time to start thinking about that after work drink or the bottle of wine you are picking up on the way home. So what could be better this Friday morning than a look at some great alcohol packaging to help along that Friday feeling.
Images from Packaging of the World
This is a great piece of tequila packaging, however I must warn you it doesn't come with a snake. That said it does come with an immaculate black wooden box with a traditional style sliding panel, revealing the bottle of tequila nestled inside. The black box is almost a warning to the consumer, not in a government sponsored way but in a way that suggests a dangerous party animal may be released from with in or, if you drink too much you may never drink it again. The metal plate has a Mexican feel to it, with the tequila plant imagery and the swirly  decoration and typography sometimes found in westerns. The great thing about this section of the packaging is that it can be kept when the bottle has long been finished and re-purposed as a candle holder. The plaque can be displayed somewhere at home to remind you of good/bad tequila related events, as a souvenir or a token of your survival.

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