Over the last 5 years people have attempted to be more and more environmentally friendly and companies have picked up on this. Consumers are on the look out for improvements in packaging and in the products themselves and companies have been forced to act. There are tons of packaging designs out there that are supposed to be better for the environment but are they actually?
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This resealable mini spooners cereal packaging uses 75% less materials. Meaning that the box has been removed and this is being portrayed as a good thing. That doesn't necessarily mean that it is better for the environment at all however. The previous packaging would have been made from a cardboard box with a sealed thin plastic bag inside. Removing the cardboard box and using a thicker and resealable plastic bag means that it is using more crude oil on something that is not recyclable. This is far worse for the environment than the previous packaging. The outside of the previous packaging could be recycled leaving a much smaller amount of plastic to be thrown away. If you were to try and make the entire piece of packaging from card, the product would go soft within a few days of being produced. This means it might not even make it to the store to be sold. Using plastic that can be recycles might be a more sustainable option but most likely more expensive. Companies are marketing these products as though the reduction in packaging is helping the environment and this is incorrect.

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