In the field of packaging design student work is always a good way to get inspiration and to see the progression in packaging trends. This particular example by Adam Rogers looks at the creation of a luxury dog grooming brand.

The brand identity is one of high quality and luxury, aimed at dog owners who live a luxury lifestyle and can afford to look after their pets at a higher than average level. All of the packaging uses high quality materials, the glass bottles all have re-sealable stoppers so that they can be kept and re-used multiple times, even being re-filled once they have run out. The clear labels across all of the bottles unify them as one brand whilst allowing the consumer to see the product inside and be able to identify it. All of the bottles also have a small blue tag explaining more about the brand and it's products, increasing the brand identity and the consumers knowledge of it's other products. All of the packaging as a whole has a blue and white theme with the same typography keeping them unified. The use of a quite modern and minimalistic font and label design means that the brand as whole is quite modern and current.
12/18/2012 09:15:10 am

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