Spring has sprung and the warmer weather has started to arrive. The time for garden parties and celebrations is upon us and what better way to celebrate than some champagne. If money is not too much of a stumbling block and you can afford to look at champagne according to packaging then there are some beautiful examples out there for you to choose from.
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Veuve Clicquot is a classic example of high quality (and high fashion) champagne. From it's prestigious yellow brand colour and typography, even a basic bottle looks spectacular. To keep up with the trends and the high demand for something different they have brought out a range of champagne cooling sleeves which can keep it cooler if you are in the garden and don't have ice, taking it to a friends or having a picnic. The sleeve gives Veuve a chance to shine with some beautiful design that would not have been possible on a glass bottle.. The lovely soft pink and purple birds have a very spring feel about it and on the whole looks wonderful.
This is another great example of Veuve Clicquot spring packaging. Rather than a sleeve this time they have created a cooling bad with drawn on characteristics in the classic yellow with a little pink mixed in.

This brand of champagne has spring packaging down to a 'T' and it is obvious why it is so popular with the worlds wealthy and elite

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