As Halloween draws closer and people begin to think about those trick or treaters, spooky candy (with even spookier packaging) is appearing everywhere. Here are some of the best examples of spooky packaging out there this year!
Pumpkins, synonymous with the Halloween season and the circular orange shape with a spooky face is all over Halloween sweets and treats. 
Taking the packaging a step further and making the product in Halloween colours too is a popular theme, but big and bold packaging still gets the attention of consumers everywhere.
Treats that capture the imagination, creepily designed to look like body parts or creatures, are made even spookier by their dark packaging. This treat packaging seems a little too scary to taste nice...
If you don't enjoy being scared by your candy, in amongst all these creepy treats are some innocently packaged autumn goodies. The change in weather and the approach of bonfire night and thanksgiving are the themes here.
Pictures sourced from Candy Warehouse

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