Hatch have designed some really fantastic packaging for several different companies, a great example of this is Vitamin Water. Made popular by shows like Gossip Girl it is their bright and exciting appearance that has won them such a great place in consumers minds.
Images from hatch design
The main bulk of this packaging's charm is the simplicity and the colour, the bottles are all the same and the layout of the labels is coherent throughout - only changing the colour and the writing. The bottles are all transparent and the excitement comes from the colour of the products themselves.
Specialty's cafe and bakery is an American chain which, just like a product on a shelf, need coherent branded packaging for all of their products. Hatch designed their logo to reflect the simple idea of a cafe that makes it's own cakes, bread and biscuits to a high standard. Aside from the brand name the rest of the typography is in a handwritten style making it more personal and bright, natural colours are combined with earthy ones. All of the packaging is made from card or paper, giving a handmade feel to the product and packaging as well as being better for the environment.

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