Brand design is Silent Partners main focus and they achieve just that excellent standard. With a clear focus on branding they have rarely done packaging without designing the basics of the brand design first. This gives them much more freedom to do what they like with their packaging design and it shows.
They have used the pattern of the wooden clad walls within this coffee shop business as a basis for its limited product packaging. They have also kept the take away coffee cups fairly simple like the companies overall branding.
The black packet is an unusual container for a tea-towel as that kind of packaging usually contains food products. The colour of the sticker reflects the colour on the tea-towel within.
11/15/2016 05:27:39 am

i am looking for some bags for teas as gife bags 100gr bags and if you fo them with logo is so how much will be and what is the order, and how long will take.

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