Many items are always on the move being transferred from one region to another, from one country to another, and from one continent to another. Many items being used in one country will many times not have been made in that country but will have been imported from another place. This is because one country may not have the ability to make all the items it may need due to lack of technology or resources. Packaging of the items on transit is important as this will determine the condition of the products when they get to their destination. Some of the common packaging used for international shipping include, Cardboard boxes, mail bags, and padded envelopes.

What has made these packaging items exceptional is the protection they afford their contents and their cost effectiveness. These items are readily available all across the globe and are readily accepted by all. They do not cause any harm to man or the environment and are easily disposable. Costs incurred during shipping are also minimal since these packaging items are all of light weight and occupy minimal space.
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The mobile phone is a commodity that recently appeared in the market but it has had a tremendous response from people the world over. It is one of the commodities that is still high in demand with it being one of the commodities that man relies on for everyday use. It is an electronic device used basically for communication but it has several applications that will assist in many other things such as a clock, calculators, calendar, diary, alarm feature, internet feature, and many entertainment applications. The mobile phone is a sensitive delicate gadget that should be handled with extreme care and sensitivity.

Padded envelopes are perfect for shipping mobile phones. This is due to the maximum protection that padded envelopes will provide the gadgets. Padded envelopes are designed to have air cushioning in the form of bubbles. The air bubbles will protect the items inside from all kinds of shock and vibration hazards. They will also completely conceal the shape of the items inside such that even by touch or squeezing one cannot be able to tell the shape of the contents and hence one cannot know the identity of what is in the envelope. This will help in protecting the mobile phones from theft.

Pa also have a tough plastic cover that gives a lot of protection from punctures, tears, abrasion, and moisture. The seal on many padded envelopes is also tough and tamper resistant. Some padded envelopes have a metallic foil that is used to protect electric devices.

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