How was packaging done generations ago? This article would tackle this question in order to provide us with a brief yet useful information as to how our ancestors all over the planet packaged their things. In other words, we are going to take a little look at history so that we will be able to determine the evolution of the packing materials that we are so familiar today.

Man has already used packaging materials even before the existence of the first civilizations. Indeed, we have always needed to package our things. Surprisingly, the reasons for packaging in the past are substantially the same as our reasons today. The earliest human beings, our history books tell us, were hunter-gatherers. They lacked the knowledge to farm and breed animals so they needed to move from one place to another. As such, they used packing materials. For instance, they dried up leaves in order to protect their food and clothing from insects and from the elements. Basically, dried up leaves were the most common materials used for packing things. Indeed, we can still see the application of leaves in some primitive societies especially in Central America and some parts of Africa.

Of course, in places were leaves do not abound, like the deserts and the polar regions, other materials were used. Archeological evidence prove that some ancient societies in the cold regions made use of animal fur in order to store their food and other belongings. Furs of seals, bears, even foxes are effective skins in order to make food fresh and safe from some wild animals.

In the deserts, they also used animal hide, but there are some regions which make use of other unusual animal skin: snake skin. This is actually pretty understandable and practical. Deserts abound with snakes, and snakes have thick skin in order to protect their bodies from the extremely hot environment. As such, their skins are good storage materials.

With the progression of time, humanity has made use of more complicated storage materials. Of course, we still very much heavily depended on nature to provide us with the basic materials. In Egypt, they have used papyrus not only to record their daily lives, but also to keep their valuables. Reeds were also used a lot, especially because they existed in big numbers throughout the river Nile. Reed was favored because it is extremely sturdy.

Packaging throughout time and throughout the world may have varied, but the core reasons have always been the same.

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