To highlight the fact that last week was London fashion week and this week was the high fashion A-list affair of the Oscars, we are going to take a look at some fashion but of a highly irregular kind. There has been an influx of late, of dresses and outfits made entirely of packaging.
image from popgloss
Firstly we have fashion made from product packaging, entire boxes, tubes, packets and lids have been used to create this dress modeled by Denise Van Outen. This makes for quite an interesting dress as the details of the packaging merge into patterns of colour and shape rather than having defined letters and images. If you are to squint at the dress it simply looks as though it has a broad range of colours and tones. If however you were to look at the dress in detail you can still see the logos, fonts and images of all the well known brands and their packaging.
images from Pinterest
We also have fashion made from packaging supplies. The above dress is DHL Haute couture made from bubble wrap and other assorted packaging materials. It seems to have captured the wild and over the top feel that most catwalk fashion has these days and the gold, yellow and red look great together.

Packaging fashion will not be the biggest hit on the horizon, despite the crazy of having tote bags made from old sweet and chocolate bar wrappers. It is doubtful indeed that we will see Jennifer Lawrence walking down the red carpet at her next premier wearing a dress made from padded envelopes. However it is highly enjoyable to see what the packaging would will do to keep up with the times.

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