Removal Boxes are stuff which we, more often than not, want to throw away as soon as the package reaches our residence. This is quite understandable. After all, if you keep all the boxes that you get then you would end up piling them. You are literally keeping trash at home.

This is, of course, something that applies if you do not know how to make good use of these packaging materials. Basically, if you know what to do, and if you have the creativity and imagination for it, you will end up with some good stuff at home.

One possible use of the packing materials is to use them as robots. How can you make a robot using these materials? It is really possible? Well, the fact is that it is really possible.

First, you need to prepare the materials that you are going to need:

1.     Packaging boxes of many sizes;

2.     Packaging tape;

3.     Buttons;

4.     Marking pen;

5.     Scissors;

6.     Cutters

With all these materials at hand, you can now go about with your robot creation. Here is how you can actually go about this activity:

  1. Arrange your packing boxes together so that you can easily see the bigger ones and the smaller ones. Basically, bigger boxes can be the body of your robot, while the rectangular yet significantly smaller boxes can be the legs of the robot.
  2. The very first thing that you need to make is the body. The body, ideally, should be rectangular, and it should be the biggest of the boxes –as we have mentioned earlier. On one side, put a box that is smaller, preferably the shape of a cube. This will be the head.
  3. Next, get long and rectangular boxes and attach them to both sides of the big box. These smaller packing materials will be the arms. Since you cannot really find any single box that can qualify for a full-length arm, you can just connect two identical packing boxes in order to make up for the length.
  4. Then you can move on to creating your robot’s legs. Basically, you will need a box or two which are larger than your arm box, yet significantly smaller than your body (since it would obviously be a very foolish and awkward looking robot if it has the same body as the legs). Just attach these boxes to the bottom part of the body, and you would already have your legs.

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