Many children have a common hero, Santa. He comes at night and showers them with gifts just as they had asked and he never fails, well, that’s if they have been good children. The children will wait with great anticipation for this great day of the year and will do as much as possible not to be naughty lest they miss out on the gifts. When Christmas comes, it would be criminal if Santa does not deliver. This Christmas, you could surprise your little ones with a unique gift that they will remember forever, Santa’s grotto. The amazing thing is that you don’t have to buy it; all you need are the used cardboard packaging boxes in the store or attic!

Every home will have some card board boxes and if not, the boxes have been acquired in the past and discarded. Cardboard boxes are used to package many things in the retail shops from bicycles, to shoes, to electric equipment, even foods! They are preferred since they are cheap, light, efficient in their service and also easy to dispose. The re-usability of the boxes is one of the greatest benefits of cardboard boxes. Once the box has been used for the first time, if the user has been gentle on the box, it will be in the same condition as before it was used. This allows the box to be used again and again for the same use of packaging and transporting items or it can be used to store and preserve items. Also the boxes can be used to make other things since the cardboard material is still strong. Cardboard is also easily shaped and can be cut easily into different shapes without much ado.

With these qualities, the cardboard boxes are being utilised to make things for children play. Children will tire quickly from toys and will always want new things to supplement their play. Cardboard toys can be supplied as often as one can think of new ideas since the materials are so cheap and making the toys is not complicated.

One easy item to make for the kids is a grotto for Santa. All one needs is to get some massive cardboard packaging boxes that children can comfortably crawl in and out of. On the box, draw a door and some windows, these are then cut in a way that flaps are left that can open and close to simulate actual doors and windows. The box can then be painted to decorate it. In this case the decorations should depict Santa. Additional structures could be added to make the structure more appealing.

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