You do not have to spend too much on packaging when making deliveries to your clients. If you search thoroughly, you are sure to find cheap packaging boxes that will serve the purpose.

 You need to consider two things when looking for boxes for your shipping purposes. First is the nature of your products. Are they items that are fragile such as bottles of wine or CDs and DVDs? These will demand special packaging to keep them from getting damaged in transit. Much as you may want not to overspend on packaging, you will need to get special boxes for the bottles that keep each bottle separate from the others to avoid breakage. For DVDs, you will need to buy wallet shaped boxes that fit the DVDs in a compact way or at least wrap them in bubble wrap. These added protective features will of course be reflected in the final cost, but it is better to spend a little extra and be sure that your customers receive their purchases in mint condition.   

The other factor to consider is the volume of your orders. One of the ways you can save on packaging is by buying your boxes in bulk.  Monitor the flow of demand for products of different sizes and plan bulk orders, say monthly, depending on the volume of business you have. Bulk orders are likely to see you save on delivery of the boxes to your premises. Most vendors offer free delivery if orders exceed a certain amount, say £60. Another way you can save on packaging is by encouraging your own customers to make bulk purchases so that where possible you can put the multiple goods going to a single customer in one box.

Use the Internet to help you find the best deals, offers and clearance sales by box vendors. Visit several websites and compare prices, checking who is giving special offers or has items on sale. Also check for vendors who offer free delivery. An easy way of staying informed of discounts on boxes is by becoming an online member of these vendors’ websites. Then you will qualify to receive newsletters informing you of any special offers or discounts. The savings you make as a result will enable you to lure in more customers with lower prices than your competitors. This will doubtlessly make it worth the effort to look for cheap packaging boxes.

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