Well, yes. This New Zealand based packaging company has their finger on the pulse in terms of packaging. They have produced some wonderful designs that make their clients products super competitive in their respective fields. 
This vodka packaging brings a humorous side a the luxury brand. They have used the idea of the ideal gentlemen to create decoration for each different sized bottle. This is not only amusing as items such as mustaches and bowler hats have become popular culture but also gives the idea that vodka is a gentleman's drink.
Another fantastic example of packaging design that communicates branding is Karma Cola. All of the ingredients are sourced from fair-trade cooperating farms and companies, meaning that some of the profit is given to their sources to help the surrounding area prosper. The imagery on the packaging is simple, an earthy simple drawing of an angel and devil, linking to the brand philosophy. All of the packaging is simple and easily translates the brands purpose to the consumer.  The bottle its self is simple and functional and is well designed to do its job without seeming flashy.

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