When you think about all the things you have in your kitchen, there is a huge amount of packaging, food, drinks, treats, cooking stuff, the list is endless. One of the more interesting example of packaging in the household kitchen is a spice rack. Here are a couple of examples that have really caught my attention.
Images from Pinterest
Test tubes are the kind of object that you really don't see everyday, complete with cork stoppers and a wire rack they are sure to make you feel like a mad scientist in the kitchen. They remind us of interesting movie and television characters that worked in labs and solved crimes, but also of crazy scientists like Victor Frankenstein who created a monster. These can be both good and bad things when it comes to the kitchen but the idea is that the packaging gets our imagination going and gives us a little bit of a talking point in our kitchens. 
The above spice rack appears to be an advent calendar however it also looks very much like an apothecary drugs or herbal remedies cabinet. Again this packaging gives a feeling of mysteriousness which can add to the allure of a kitchen tool. The little glass jars also raise the quality of the packaging and make it feel far more substantial.

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