A small American Design company that focus on brand identity, packaging, web site design and collateral marketing materials. They have had a great range of clients and have put together some excellent packaging.
Country Archer's Beef Jerky is a very masculine product and this is reflected in it's packaging. The dark packaging and straightforward typography appears appealing to men and the use of phrases such as 'private reserve' make it seem like an exclusive product. The resealable pack is highly useful as it is often a food used during hiking and camping in America, so it would need to be kept as fresh as possible and not eaten all at once. Each different flavour also has a different colour on it's packaging, the differences make it easier to tell them apart but also make it seem more like a luxury product.
Imaginaria Creative have also worked with Zukali Mexican Gourmet to create some packaging for their food products and this design has a really great Mexican feel about it. The colours used to differentiate the products are aptly chosen to reflect the theme. The typography and imagery used on the labels appears in a way that consumers can easily associate it with Mexican food and culture.

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