Traditionally, Christmas colours have always been red, green, gold and silver but as trends have moved forward people have begun to experiment. One noticeable trend seems to be the use of unconventional colours such as pink in Christmas gift wrapping.
When it comes to gift wrapping, I love to experiment but pink seemed a step too far to me, next thing and Santa's suit will come in a range of colours with matching reindeer noses.
After spending some time looking at the huge range of pink gift wrapping examples that gift wrap enthusiasts had pinned all over pinterest however, it started to grow on me.
When using a pink gift wrapping theme however I thought of some pointers that should be followed at all costs to avoid a Christmas pink disaster.
  • The use of pink gift wrap should always be a theme. It is very rare that you find a combination of red and pink that go together so stay well away. If you're wrapping presents in pink, know what colours go with it and what doesn't - that way you can wrap accordingly without giving yourself a colour clash headache.
  • If you have a house full of boys, don't bother. Young boys rarely appreciate pink, or gift wrapping for that matter.
  • Make sure you try and keep it Christmas-ey. Use baubles or bells for decoration, make sure it still has a wintery gift label attached - if you don't it will look like an 8 year old's birthday under your tree. 
  • On a similar note, if you're going to use pink paper, ensure it has a nice pattern or is plain with a good quality finish on it. Don't be tempted to make it too girly with Disney princess paper. Unless you are wrapping for a small child that is.

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