Whoever said first impressions count was right. So when thinking about conveying your products to customers, two things must be at the top of your agenda: that the goods arrive in optimal condition, and that the packaging in which it arrives projects an image of customer-centeredness and professionalism. The good news is that these qualities can still be achieved with cheap mailing bags. The onus is on you, therefore, to locate a supplier of quality, reasonably priced bags for the delivery of your products. You need, however, to know the kind of mailing bags you need before you go bargain hunting as there are several kinds in the market.

The options really, are dazzling. If your products are fragile in nature and need a bit of extra protection, padded mailing bags are for you. You can capture the imagination of your clients by delivering their stuff in coloured mailing bags, and even more so if the mailers have a metallic sheen about them. The need for protection and a fashion sense can be combined in coloured metallic bubble-wrapped bags or envelopes. Another differentiating feature is the way the bag is sealed. Is it self sealing? Is it heat-sealed? All these bells and whistles will show up in the price, so with your budget being tight as it is, go for the essentials.

How keen are you on projecting the right image to your clients? Then you need to consider branded mailing bags. Think about it, your logo gleaming on the shiny wrapping as the satisfied customer unveils their shoes, or books, or DVDs. It may cost you a little bit extra, but let’s face it, you could do with the marketing, starting out as you are.

You also need to consider the size of bags you need. Mailing bags are sold in many sizes, from A5 (161x240mm) to extra large (550x750mm), and their prices are directly proportional to size. The bigger the bag, the more it will cost. Since your aim is cheap mailing bags, go for the smallest size of bag that will safely convey your products. Alongside size, the quantity of your order will determine how much you will spend on the bags. Most vendors give higher discounts the higher the value of your order. So plan ahead and try to make your order as big as possible. Bulk orders can also help you get your bags delivered to you for free by some packaging supplies vendors.

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