Perfume is one of those products where beautifully designed packaging is essential for sales, it makes up part of the overall brand and sales power behind the scent; the bottle design can portray the scent's history, the era it came from, and the influences behind its creation.
What list of iconic perfumes wouldn't start with Chanel No5. 5 was said to be Gabriel Chanel's lucky number, and if you visit her apartment today you can see it adorns her home. The key to this scent was luxury, which you can see in the magnificent art deco faceted glass bottle. Made in 1921 Chanel chose Jasmine Oil as it's main scent, making it the most expensive perfume in the world. And the bottle looks the part; classic, elegant and with Chanel's signature black font.
Shalimar was inspired by the love between Shah Jahan and and Mumtaz-Mahal, the woman for whom the Taj Mahal was built. Exotic influences of the east mix with heady decadence from the 1920s and this packaging bottle is created; with an oriental design.
Poison by Dior has many versions such as Midnight Poison, Hypnotic Poison, and Pure Poison. Each is packaged in colours we associate with the name, such as Midnight Poison being midnight blue. The bottle is shaped like an apple, evoking thoughts of fairytales, especially snow white.

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